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Sat Chit Ananda Meaning Resolved in 2021

Sat chit ananda meaning

Sat Chit Ananda is the pure joy of being, and that’s it!

Everything else is redundant.

Sat Chit Ananda manifest the entire creation. Sat Chit Ananda meaning is existence, consciousness and bliss. When existence exists as consciousness it exists as bliss. As simple as that. Existence, consciousness and bliss are not separate words they are all the same.

The sky appears blue, but if you hop on a spaceship to investigate it, there is no blue and there is no sky. It’s just an appearance. In the same way existence, consciousness and bliss appear to be three distinct entities, but if you investigate any of them deeply enough, you will understand it’s an appearance, and that understanding is Sat Chit Ananda.

Let’s dive into each step by step and find out for ourselves.

Existence as Sat Chit Ananda

You exist!, and you know it for sure, right? What about others? Do they exist? What happens if you cease to exist.  Do they still exist? How do you know it? You can’t,  because to know this you have to exist in some form or the other. So, knowingness is the inherent property of existence.

You exist because you know it and you know it because you exist. This is circular logic, and it is absolutely ok if the Centre of the circle understands this. Knowingness is consciousness hence existence and consciousness are inseparable If any consciousness is reading this, I can safely assume existence is reading this.

Logically, Consciousness and Existence are the same. But do you really feel it?

What about bliss? Where bliss comes in this?

Are you blissed out by knowing that consciousness and existence are the same? Perhaps not. You have your own set of problems and you feel no joy. You may also think there is no joy in existence itself. And you may be right in saying so. You have your reasons. But I ask you when you are in deep sleep and you cease to exist as body and mind for a few hours, is it a painful experience or is it a peaceful one?

Of course, after a deep sleep, you woke up more refreshed and peaceful. What I mean to say is that bliss I am talking about is not what you think it is. This bliss comes by itself when existence exists by itself and consciousness is conscious of itself.

This is difficult for most of us.

We have crammed volumes of scriptures, read innumerable scientific theories, intellectualized wise words, but none have given us the joy and bliss of existence. The reason we have not found that bliss is that we ‘think’ we exist rather just existing. Cogito, ergo sum (I think, therefore I am) seems valid for us. Thinking part of our existence is more strong than the conscious part of it.

Bliss exists when existence exists as consciousness. To have the bliss of existence, we have to somehow exist as consciousness.

But we exist as bodies, we exist as minds; we exist as men, women and children. We exist as roles we play in relationships. We exist as our professions. We exist as our past and future. We exist as gods and goddesses. We exist as saints and the sinners. We exist as animals. We exist as our names and possessions. We exist as rapists, murderers and traitors, but we do not exist as consciousness.

To exist as consciousness seems a tough job. But I guarantee you it is so deceptively simple and obvious that you always missed it because of its simplicity. All you have to focus on the “I” when you say ‘I exist’ that’s all. Who is this “I” which exists? If you keep on asking this way to yourself, you will come to know “I” is not what you think it is, you will exist as consciousness and you will be in bliss.


Let us explore this term called consciousness. I sleep, I dream and I wake up. I do it daily and I have been doing it for the past 40 years. This seems so normal and part of myself that I never question it. To explain to you what I mean by consciousness, I have to dig deeper into this process. When I sleep I am not aware of my surroundings, not aware of my body, not aware of others, not aware of my thoughts, and nor do I have dreams.

Practically I am oblivious to all activities of mind, body and existence. So can I say I do not exist in sleep? Yes, but only when I woke up. “I do not exist” is a false statement as long as I am sleeping because there is no “I” in deep sleep to claim the sleeping state. So I ask a simple question: Who exists when I sleep? I have no answers, but my mind slows down


 Space which exists when the mind slows down is the consciousness. So consciousness is the space which allows the sleeping happens in conclusion  “I” which sleeps is part of the space which is consciousness.

Let’s take a dream state. In my dream I see people, go to places, view exotic scenes and landscapes, feel all the emotions, I can feel myself as a body and objects seem real and valid. Dream appears true till I am dreaming. In my dream I can see a killer behind me with a gun and I am running for life.

If my friend comes in my dream and says hey buddy, why are you running, there is no killer there is no gun you are just dreaming wake up and you will be safe, I will not believe him until I wake up. It’s only after the dream is over I realize that the killer, the gun, my dream self and the space in which the dream is happening were all created by me and were part of me and I felt relieved. So the “I” that exists in dreams is part of me that exists in sleep, which is part of the consciousness.

Now take the waking state. I have a whole new identity here. I have a life to live; I have a name; I have a family; I have responsibilities; I have my struggles, my goals, my career, my job, my wife, my kids, my society, my nation. I appear to have a body which moves and a mind which appears to think and feel. This is my authentic life. This is really me. This “I” is the only real I which nobody can deny.

Sometimes I suffer, sometimes I feel ecstatic. It’s all seems good. The  “I” that appears to exist in a waking state is something different. A real moving, feeling, surviving organism. The body of this “I” seems real. “I” does not feel like it is part of consciousness. It has its own agenda, bodily urges, likes and dislikes, feelings, emotions, ideas, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, a solid actual entity.

This entity seems to take birth, undergo trials and tribulations and then appears to die. This waking state is so complex that it’s hard to think of the possibility that this may be a dream too. And It appears real as long as we dream. It’s hard to believe that consciousness which created the dream in my dream state is the same consciousness that created this waking state. The dream just happens from anywhere without proper beginning and end, while the waking state appears to start with birth and ends with death.

If you can deeply trace your birth and investigate it, you will find its illusory. You can never say truly ‘ I am born’. It is always others who tell you are born. If you really investigate, you will come to realize that your waking state just appeared in your consciousness like a dream which appears just like that without your permission.

So in brief , self-awareness leads to consciousness.  I encourage you to challenge your waking state and come to this point by yourself. The “I” that exists in the waking state is the same “I” which exists in the dream state and sleep state, and this “I” is your consciousness. When you realize this, you will be in bliss.


To investigate and analyze bliss either rationally or emotionally is foolishness. Your true self exists as consciousness, which is bliss. It is not like a momentary, fleeting joy which comes and goes. Bliss is your true nature. What comes and goes is not real. Bliss is not pleasure which you can seek according to your will. Bliss is not any emotion, feeling or sensation.

It is just a simple understanding of truth that I exist as consciousness. Bliss emerges from the realization that waking state, dream state and sleep state are all part of the same consciousness.

Our Identification with our body and mind keeps us back from our true nature. To investigate gross body and subtle mind is part of meditation. Meditation is insight which has the quality of wakefulness. It is like being aware of being aware. Meditation slows down the so-called mind. When mind slows down the body, which seems so solid will appear like a bunch of sensations. To realize mind and body as fleeting sensations is bliss itself.


To know the meaning of Sat chit Ananda is itself a joy. Spiritual practices increases our self-awareness and remove the barriers which veils our understanding of it. Self awareness  leads to consciousness . Our Identification with the existence as consciousness and consciousness alone will give infinite bliss. Even if one takes the infinite amount away from this bliss, still the infinite amount remains.

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